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International Synergy Management

About ISM, LLC

ISM was created to support and develop effective and strategic management systems, which work in synergy with the company’s culture and operational values, while working to maximize and leverage the advantages of business practices in Hawaii, mainland USA and Japan .

ISM was established in Hawaii in June 2007.

The business concept is International Synergy Management.

In the community of global players, ISM’s key objective is to collect and deliver relevant and timely information

amongst multiple networks of business partners and cultures, with the aim of creating a global standard organization

The geographical location of Hawaii is advantageous to obtaining information from both Japan and the mainland USA,

and then fuse it with the unique Hawaiian culture.

ISM enhances a client’s progressive and strategic management system by working to maximize

such advantages in accordance with the client’s business plans and objectives.


“Management” is the key to business performance.

Streamlining the management system helps to build reliable expertise within the company.

ISM aims to create an efficient management system by providing excellent service that maximizes various viewpoints,

which are taken mainly from Japanese, Hawaii and US mainland business practices.

ISM is for the organization or individual that;

Does business in Hawaii / mainland USA or in Japan

Plans to do business in Hawaii / mainland USA or in Japan


Support to start-up new businesses, project, expansions etc.


Support to streamline existing operations


Market Research, Planning, PR, Training etc.


This is the new project of ISM.

There are approximately 7 billion people on the earth and sometimes we have conflicting ideas and share little understanding between each other.

However, we believe that everyone loves someone and wishes world peace.

We hope that the love we share with people that are close to us will grow, and in time will flourish thus surrounding the entire world by love.

This logo mark was created with such thoughts to share with people.

ISM plans to introduce this logo mark in a variety of ways for people includes children, corporation etc. who support this concept.

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